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Since when do people feel the need to comment on your critism? Why do some people feel the need to *ahem* and other such aloof, annoying, patronising things! I always explain to the writer i'm not too hot on grammer and spelling so i try to comment on plot and character - the things that I am good at. If I ask the author a question about their work i really don't expect a smart arse answer from another reader!  

Have they not thought that if they spent as much time concentrating on the story, as they do on other comments, then they would offer half decent advice to the author?

Is that not the whole point of the exercise? 

Apparently, as i was informed by a very helpful reader who used *ahem* alot, telling the writer what they have done right is not helpful and it should all be the negative stuff then a little bit of good. For example, this = crap, this = crap, this = crap, if i did this i would blah, blah, blah, blah... but overall i thought i was very good. YES, BECAUSE THAT IS A BALANCED ARGUEMENT!! FOOL!!

However, the author in question liked my feedback so much that he: gave me his private email for more suggestions, sent me an alternative ending for one story and is going to be published in the new year! (Feeling slightly better now)   : - )


Wohoo!! Elfwood's back up and running! I had withdrawl symptoms from it for a couple of days. I've noticed a change in the speed of Elfwood and i can't wait to see the rest of the improvements! I wonder if their going to liven up the backgrounds at all?

It would be really cool if you could choose what background you want in your gallery and what border you want for your story. Just so you could personal it abit. Even if it was something simple like for: Egypitan = hyrogliphics (excuse spelling), Medieval = swords and castles, etc. 

However, i have a slight problem with the new Elfwood, they seem to have deleted my gallery, all my work and all links to it. I am not under the members at all, i can't search any of my work and when i have tried to email the tech support team the '404 page not found' message keeps coming up. However, what is strange is if i access my gallery via Elftown then i can find it. So, frustrating! Now i finally have decent feedback. Typical!

Elfwood Crits

What is the point of Elfwood Crits community? Is it literally just for artists or is the reason no one comments on stories becuase it takes longer and is more effort then just looking at a picture? My chapter is the only entry there that has no comments on it at all! Where every painting has. Never mind.

Anyway, that is the last of my moaning, and yes i do feel better for it! :D

I finished the first draft of my second chapter a couple of days ago (well i say finished, i rushed the last 500 words or so becuase i just needed to be able to say that i have made some real progress!) Half of the chapter is very good (i sound like a have such a big head!) but the other half needs sorting out big time!

I also need to do my second draft of chapter one and i have so many ideas for chapter three. However, i'm rubbish at planning and mapping, etc. So i just write. BUT, the more i write the more this world develops and the more i need to go back and change! It's a very long process and progress is slow. However, seeing from what i started out with and how it's developing now - it's just amazing. I know it sounds really corney but i am on a journey with my characters and i'm just noting it along the way.

I'm sitting down at the moment about to start chapter three but i stupidly put on Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - extended for 'background noise'. It was a big mistake. I've been sitting at my lap top for nearly 2 hours and have yet to write a word!

(One last moan -
I have the flu and lost my voiceat work yesterday while my store was having it's annual audit done. So very tired and snotty...)


Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:50 am (UTC)
well done
omg.. good work, dude



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